leaders in focus group recruiting and facilities for over 25 years

"Research is the
weapon of choice
for successful brands”





"Our firm has been working with QC for close to a decade. Over this time horizon QC has demonstrated an unerring commitment to providing a personalized and quality focused service every time.


For us, knowing that Tracy and her team are truly vested in our projects results in two very tangible benefits: peace of mind & an assurance of quality. In many respects, we consider Tracy more like an extension of our team than a supplier/partner."







“Your team does an amazing job handling all the intricate parts of my projects and has never let me down!”




“I truly appreciate the hard work you always put into my projects and the quality I get in return.”







"I have worked with Tracy Thomson and the team at Qualitative Coordination for many years and, without hesitation, recommend QC for its gold standard quality of service.  QC demonstrates the ultimate in professionalism and research integrity.  Alongside Tracy’s extensive recruiting and facility management experience, her own expertise as a qualitative and quantitative researcher consistently contributes to a successful project.  In a business sometimes too full of surprises you can trust that, with QC, the job will be done right."













"Stone-Olafson has used Qualitative Coordination exclusively in Calgary since 2010 for all of our qualitative needs.  We consider QC a partner not a supplier.  They understand what needs to be done, they do it, and they do it well.  No drama, no BS just great recruits, best facility in Calgary and fantastic service.  We value how they make it their job to make our jobs easier."




why QC

We pair a winning facility with the right experience and industry connections that turn your project into a success. Qualitative Coordination boasts the largest Calgary facility, with two complete focus group boardrooms and a professional test kitchen. Our team has been there, done that, and, knows the specific components required for the best results. Be it the best results in recruitment, moderating, consulting or project coordination, QC has you covered. We adhere to the strictest privacy practices and lead the way in professional integrity. QC will provide respondents that show up, meet the recruiting specifications and not be professional respondents. They will be articulate, knowledgeable and engaging. We take pride in crafting the best focus groups we can!

Art by Dave Casey